pr/marketing consulting


Candie Price is authentic! Her attention to detail and commitment to providing her clients with out-of-the box ideas and strategies has taken my career to the next level with opportunities that I never considered.

–Sunny Slaughter, Advocate/Entrepreneur


Candie applied her knowledge and expertise to help me develop a marketing plan for my business. As a result, we identified several strategies that I could immediately implement to help gain greater exposure for my grant writing firm. If you’re in need of marketing guidance, call Candie. She knows her stuff!

–Kimberly Richardson, MS, GPC, Federal Grants Specialist


Candie Price is a force to be reckoned with, and I mean that in a very positive way! Professional and fun at the same time, she was a pleasure to work with. I’m completely impressed in how Candie has become a social media and public relations expert and is a revered opinion-maker in not only Central Alabama but across the country. She is well respected, and her efforts have come to fruition in celebrity, religious and political circles at the highest levels. I recommend Candie Price without hesitation.

–Anthony Cooper, Director, Jimmie Hale Mission


Professional, Phenomenal, Goals Oriented, and Results Driven, are just a few of the adjectives I use to describe Candie. She is truly the “PR Diva”. I met Candie, several months ago, and we quickly developed both a professional and personal relationship. On the professional side, she has done wonders to boost and get exposure for my business SisterGolf. On the personal side, she is a great friend, supporter and cheerleader. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. I will close by saying, if you are in need of any kind of PR or Social Media assistance for your business, you should make Candie is your #1 “go to” resource.

–Shella Sylla, Director of Operations, SisterGolf



WOW! I had the pleasure to meet Candie Price at a conference and was very impressedwith her cutting edge knowledge and practical application for small business owners who want to embrace social media. She has been a tremendous resource for me and her expertise has allowed me to develop another marketing and revenue stream very quickly and efficiently. She is very timely, dependable and caring. She connected me with other resource providers and took the time to really understand my business and tailor a solution that fits my goals, values and budget. I highly recommend the pr diva for all of your social media needs.

–Sandra Brazelton, Real Estate Broker


As a client of Candie Price I have experienced a multitude of growth. She has taught me how to think outside the box and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Her approach to business building is unconventional and second to none. The plan that she prepares walks you step by step on how to grow your business. She is very thorough and leaves no stone unturned. She displays integrity in her business dealings and is up front with you about everything. She does not pull any punches and works hard to give you innovative ideas. Candie is knowledgeable, kind, and genuinely cares for her clients businesses and their growth. You are not just another client; your business is her business. She is worth every reasonable penny. If you are looking for a coach or consultant, look no further, Candie Price is who you need.

–Tracie B. Threadford, Entreprenuer