Whatcha Look Like?

17The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever. I John 2:17

The Christian responsibility on this earth is to do the will of God. What is God’s will? We know that He has created us in His image and that through a relationship with Him we are to reflect His love for mankind and bring others to Him. Because of sin we had been separated from Him – denying us access to such a holy God. But God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world – a sinless mediator -to bring us to a right relationship with God. Now that that has been established, now what? Our lives are to be an example – a drawing card, if you will, to bring others to Christ. So my question is Watcha Look Like? When others see you what do you they see?

I was listening to a minister yesterday who talked about our countenance when we go through. I knew the message was for me because it not only convicted me, but it encouraged me as well. I have one of those personalities in that I am always friendly, laughing or making jokes. I love to laugh. I come from a family that uses laughter as good medicine. So with that same personality comes the reality that when I am sad or upset – it is very apparent. I am very transparent. Truthfully, I hate this about myself because I can’t seem to mask my feelings. The minister yesterday went on to say that we have to be careful how we go through. When others look at us and we go are going through – if they see us praising in spite of – it makes God look good! We are representing Him in this world.

So whatcha look like? Are you giving a proper representation of who God is when you are going through? Or do you make Him look powerless and faulty? It got me to thinking – there are times when I am upset about things that are going on or when I don’t quite know what God is up to in my life. But my response should be that even if I don’t know what’s happening, even if I have no answers, even if I’m unhappy – God is still worthy of praise and when I praise Him in spite of – He looks good! And when I make Him look good to others – He loops around and blesses me for going through with grace and gratitude. I can’t say for certain that I won’t be transparent any longer – but I will make every attempt to give God the representation that such a worthy and righteous God deserves. The next time you are going through a rough spot – remember to check yourself and ask yourself – Watcha look like? Others are watching you and what they see must reflect a God who is able! The things of the world will pass away – even our trials and tribulations – but our life’s purpose is to do the will of God – only what we do for Him will last!

c/2008 Candie A. Price

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