What Can You Do For Him?

I pray that you all had a wonderful weekend and that your Worship Service was both inspiring and life-changing. So many times we go to church looking for what God can do for us but we don’t go seeking what we can do for Him.

As I thought about that reality I thought about how I would feel if my family were to always come to me looking for something but never took the time to see what they could do for me. Well, in all reality it happens often with wives and mothers. We give out a lot and our actions are not always reciprocated but we continue to do because the love we have for our family drives us. However, we do expect shows of gratitude, don’t we? Well, I’m sure that God must feel the same way as He constantly provides for us and supports us and leads us – and we constantly ask, and seek, and ask and seek! He’s such a loving Father that He remains faithful even when we are ungrateful or always have our hands out. Yet, we must begin to change our posture – stop putting your head down in despair about what you’re going through and woe are you – begin to put your head up in gratitude and appreciation and begin to ask the Father for more things you can do to exhibit His love through your life.

Begin today to stop focusing on your problems, your wants, your needs, and begin to focus on what you need to do to look more like Jesus, act more like Jesus. Draw closer to Him through His Word – seek to know more about His character. He’s not a glorified Santa Claus – He is a wonderful, loving God that wants you to get to know Him and trust Him and love Him just because of who He is – not so much because of what He can do. You know, the same way you want to be loved by your loved ones!

c/2007 Candie A. Price

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