Walk in the Law of the Lord

1BLESSED (HAPPY, fortunate, to be envied) are the undefiled (the upright, truly sincere, and blameless) in the way [of the revealed will of God], who walk (order their conduct and conversation) in the law of the Lord (the whole of God’s revealed will). Psalm 119:1 (AMP)

Who order their conduct and conversation in the whole of God’s revealed will. Your conduct – the way you behave – and your conversation – must line up with God’s revealed will. What does God’s will mean? It means finding out what God wants you to do. We know that we have our own will – what we desire, what we want – but what is God’s will for us – He has a will that He wants for all of us collectively and then He has a will that He wants for us individually. What are some of the things that God wants for us collectively? What does He want from some of us individually?

So the Christian must ask for God’s wisdom and will in every aspect of life. The Bible teaches us that realizing or proving God’s will is the result of habitually conforming your thinking and behavior to God’s Word over your lifetime. When you read the Bible daily your mind is being renewed and the result is a new way of thinking. This process takes time but there are no shortcuts! So walk in the law of the Lord – God’s revealed will.Once you decide that you will seek God’s will for your life you are on the way to getting more and more trash eliminated out of your life.

c/2007 Candie A. Price

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