Thinking of You as I Go Through

6Let not those who wait and hope and look for You, O Lord of hosts, be put to shame through me; let not those who seek and inquire for and require You [as their vital necessity] be brought to confusion and dishonor through me, O God of Israel.

Psalm 69:6 AMP

David was in a rock hard place! In previous verses he felt like he was sinking in mire with the water rising up about to overwhelm him.  Although he was in this difficult situation, with enemies lined up against him and no apparent relief in sight, it is remarkable that his prayer would contain the sentiments above. David did not want to be a hindering block to anyone whose hope was in God. He didn’t want anyone to be brought to confusion and dishonor through him.  That caught my attention because when we are going through we hardly ever think about anyone but ourselves! What “I’m going through”, “What is happening to me”, “My pain” “My circumstances” – do we ever think about whether or not we are bringing confusion or dishonor to anyone else? We have to remember that even though what we may be going through may feel as if we are sinking in mire and about to drown, there are others that may be watching us. It should be our goal and our desire not to discourage anyone else, not to cause anyone else’s faith to slip. Now, we must understand that we are human and sometimes that’s easier said than done. I don’t know about you but when I go through a very difficult time – sometimes it’s so hard to focus and think that I’m not really all that concerned about other people. That’s a real emotion! But we must remember that we belong to a Body – a family of believers and sometimes we must lay our feelings aside for one another. This brings me to another point – as a Body – a family of believers it is important that when we see each other go through we rally together in prayer and support. It’s a lot easier to deal with trials and tribulations when you know that others are praying for you and loving you through it.

As we deal with the issues of life and from time to time find ourselves in a rock hard place, let’s be conscious of our reactions to our dilemmas as we seek not to cause others confusion or dishonor. It may be hard – but God WILL save you and turn your pain into praise!

c/Candie A. Price

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