The Year of Shall Be

Happy New Year! Truly God has been so faithful to allow us to see another new year. It certainly isn’t because of anything that we have done, but it is a reflection of His enduring grace and mercy!

I enter this New Year with a sense of uncertainty, certainty and gratefulness. I know that it sounds almost contradictory to use both the words uncertainty and certainty. I have a sense of uncertainty about a few things in my life because I am in need of God’s direction, however, there is certainty because I know for certain that God is in control and He knows those things that I don’t know or may question. To that I am definitely grateful! What an awesome God that can relieve my uncertainty with peace if I trust and believe in Him!

This year – 2008 – the Year of SHALL BE – commit not to resolutions, but revelations. Ask God to show you where you are spiritually and to help you to be more committed in your walk, your worship, and your wisdom. Concentrate and focus more of your attention on being more like Him than asking things of Him.

Trust, believe and obey- even through uncertainty because you can be certain that He is always in control!

Be blessed!

c/2008 Candie A. Price

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