The Path to Wholeness

Have you ever gotten so tired of folks that you wanted to just push a delete button and move them out of your way? It reminds me of the Easy button for Staples – wouldn’t it be easier to have a Delete button for certain folks or situations that come up in our lives? Well, I believe that if we had the ability to delete folks, we would definitely need to start with ourselves because surely there are times when we get on our own last nerve. But one thing I’ve realized is that even those folks and those situations are there to pull out God’s purpose for us. Even in the midst of the unwanted drama that we sometimes face, God is wooing us and pulling us closer to Him – only we need to recognize those moments as growth moments and accept the lessons attached. Those areas of our lives that seem fragmented and charred by sin are the exact points in our being that God wants to move in. The Lord meets us at our areas of brokenness in order to impress upon us the realization that we need Him and to get us to move toward wholeness so that our purpose in Him is realized.

It is so difficult to stand tall when your foes seem to mock you and isolate you. It is even more difficult when someone you love abuses your love or your trust. Whatever broken state someone has left you in, whatever feelings of angst and pain you are feeling, know that God in Himself, embodies all of the love that you will ever need for your lifetime and the love that you receive from anyone else is just “gravy.” If no one ever appreciates you, He’s there. If folks continue to seem insensitive, He’s there. If they isolate you and talk about you, He’s there. If they laugh in your face and play games behind your back, He’s there. If they stab you in the back and dog out your name, He’s there. Satan wants your eyes on them, Satan wants you to give up and be despondent. Satan wants your countenance to fall and stay fallen! But God is THERE! What’s the lesson in your trials? What’s broken in your life that only God can mend? What is He trying to do through you? What is He trying to teach you? What test do you seem to keep failing? Wholeness stands at the door for you! God wants to use those areas of your brokenness to get the glory! He wants to parade you around whole and complete in Him so that everyone will know that He is for you and that’s more than the whole world against you!

Whatever you are going through might seem painful. It may seem like your heart has left your chest and your spirit has plunged into the darkness, but know that He IS there! Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you and He is ready and willing and ABLE to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ask or think! Let Him carry you from brokenness to wholeness so that you can rise up, be blessed and be a blessing to someone else!

c/2009 Candie A. Price

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