The One Son

I was driving to the gym early this morning (before 5:30 a.m. WHEW!) and I looked at the sun hiding behind daybreak. The first thought that came to my mind was, “That’s the same sun that someone clear across the country or around the world may be viewing at the exact same time!” That’s incredible – there are not several suns – one for the east or west or north or south – there is just One. God then spoke to me that similarly there is only one SON and that there is not one SON for you or for someone else and for me -there is only ONE SON! That same SON that is taking care of you is also taking care of ME!!! God was letting me know that despite my trials, my circumstances and whatever is going on in my life – that the One and ONLY SON, can handle it just as He is doing for all of His other children! I have not been forgotten, I have not been left out – I need only trust and wait patiently for his good and perfect will to be done!

It may seem that everyone else around you is prospering, it may seem like you are always going through – but the same God that is delivering, prospering and blessing others – is the SAME – ONE SON that will deliver, prosper and bless you! He has no respect of persons and He will continue that which He has begun in you!!!

You can rest in it, you can bank on it – just like you can bank on that one SUN to rise and be seen all over the world – although it may rise at different times for different areas – it will rise, you can also bank on the one SON to hear and deliver those that call upon His name!

c/2007 Candie A. Price

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