The Choice is Yours

I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws. Psa 119:30 NIV

I couldn’t decide which version of this scripture ministered to me the most! The ESV states, “I have chosen the way of faithfulness,” while the NIV states, “I have chosen the way of truth.” Both clearly convey to me the deliberate will we must activate in order to follow the precepts (Hb. piqqudim, i.e., what God has appointed to be done) of God.  However, I love the NIV interpretation that states, “I have SET my HEART on your laws.” We know that whatever we set our heart and our mind to has our loyalty!

Psalm 119 is very dear to my heart. There are so many jewels of wisdom, adoration and praise within the psalm. It is a celebration of the gift of the Torah to Israel.  O, how they were to cherish the word of the Lord, memorize it, sing it, live it.  We often talk about Israel and their experiences and we are sometimes quick, I believe, to point out their failings and their disobedience.  However, when we view our own selves in light of what they did RIGHT, how are we to be graded? When Israel was on track, they were REALLY on track! Their devotion and their love for the Lord was serious! They worshipped and they praised and they cherished every word from the Lord.

The Word of God is available for our instruction and guidance so that when we understand that the more we inhale it’s contents and allow it to shape and mold our character, our belief system, our moral integrity, the more and more we begin to reflect God’s own character.  But don’t get it twisted, God will not strike you on the head and make you look like him….it must first begin with an acknowledgement of who He is, how inadequate you, in and of yourself, really are, and then making a DECISION to CHOOSE the way of faithfulness, the way of truth, and then setting your HEART on his laws and his word!

Look at your life, analyze where you are right now….what have you chosen?

c/2010 C. A. Price

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