That Settles It

89For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. Psalm 119:89

It seems sometimes that nothing is really ever settled. Often we may have problems and circumstances that may lay dormant for a while but they seem to keep coming back up again at some later point. There may even be people in our lives who vacillate between being friends or acquaintances – our relationships with them may never seem to settle. We have moments also where our emotions, opinions, and spirits are not settled. We may waiver in our thought processes, in our feelings for people and issues and so many other things. Are things ever really settled?

Things may not be settled with us or with our society. Our world and society is constantly changing. The ideologies of 20 years ago are antiquated today. But there is one thing that is constant, one thing that never changes, one thing that is settled – and that is God’s Word! Our lives today may be very complicated and complex – with so many things pushing us on the rollercoaster of life, but God’s Word is just like Him – the same yesterday, today and forever! We can count on God to never lie to us. We can count on God to love us as much today and tomorrow as He did yesterday! We can count on God’s Word not to return to Him void – it will accomplish what He sets it out to do. His Word is settled in heaven – there is no addendum to it, there are no preconditions or prerequisites or additions to it. It is finished and complete, and it won’t change depending on our circumstances, faithfulness, or lack thereof.

In our lifetime we’ve seen so many things change. In an attempt to keep evolving, man has instituted many revolutionary inventions. We’ve gone from 8 track tapes to cd’s and dvd’s. We’ve gone from pay phones and land phones to phones we can take wherever we go – enabling constant communication. We’ve gone from computers being available only in big companies and the internet only available to the government to computers and information being available to everyone worldwide 24 hours a day. Changes are so frequent that once you buy an item it is practically obsolete with the newest edition sure to follow just as fast as your purchase. We’ve digitalized everything and our world is now so different from even the days of our parents’ youth. But God has always been there still desiring a personal relationship with man. He still stands behind His Word to deliver and set the captive free. He still desires to do exceedingly and abundantly above any thing we could ask or think. He is still God! He is still constant and His Word is settled!

No matter the changes you are going through today! No matter the changes of an ever moving world – no matter what’s going on that never seems to settle in your life – Trust in the one and only constant you’ll ever have in your entire life – God’s Word! He will do just what He says and whether you believe it or not, that settles it!

c/Candie A. Price

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