Such a Cost

In my talk with the Lord this morning I was praising Him for His awesome wonder and power. I then began to think of this Christian walk and something we’ve heard time and time again came to me. When we talk about our lives in Christ we always hear someone reply, “This Christian walk is going to cost you something.” We note that although salvation is a free gift, it will cost us something – just as it has cost the Savior his life. We realize that it might cost us friends, or we might stand alone at times, or we may have to sacrifice some things in order to follow Christ. But this morning as I thought about that I realized that it actually doesn’t cost us as much as it costs NOT to follow Christ! I began to praise God because I realized what He brought me out of! He brought me out of a life of sin – out of what could have been many generational curses, out of a life without Him! Surely that life without Him is way more costly! Look at the people around you that don’t have Christ in their lives! Some are strung out on drugs, costing them health, family, and productivity. Some are killing their liver and their lives with alchohol or other substances. Some are dying daily from anger, resentment and bitterness. Others may not even have a lot of drama in their lives, but they are facing a death sentence in hell for just rejecting Jesus Christ. Which costs more? I have peace in Jesus, I have hope in Jesus, I have eternal life, I have redemption, I have joy, I have love, I have confidence in my Lord even when everyone else lets me down. So, yes, it might cost me something – but it doesn’t cost as much as it does NOT having the Savior, The Redeemer in my life.

As you go through this day and you look over your situation and your circumstances – whatever it might be- remember, that even though you don’t have everything you want, even though everything might not be going the way you want – it could be worse – you could be lost in your sins – a very costly situation!

c/2007 Candie A. Price

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