Slip Away

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness to pray. Luke 5:16

We are so busy in our lives.  Work, school, children, spouse, family, church, extra-curricular – so many activities, so much to do, so little time to just….slip away.  We have bombarded ourselves with THINGS….things to do, things to acquire….things, things, things.

But Jesus Himself would often slip away….

Jesus understood the necessity to slip away from the masses, slip away from the ministry, slip away from his disciples….find a place, a refuge, solace….and pray.

What does that tell us? It lets me know that Jesus understood that although you wake up and pray before your day, although you go through your day praying without ceasing…that there are moments in your life where it has to be more intentional – that slip away moments have to be carved out, have to be purposeful…and it has to be about you and Him. No distractions, no noise, no ios or droids, no texting or tweeting, no facebook or instagram….Just Jesus….just prayer.

When I was in seminary one of our professors stressed over and over again the importance of having a personal sabbath.  I have to admit that I have strayed away from this very important necessity.  I wonder how much more powerful our personal lives would be, I wonder how much more effective our churches would be, how much stronger our families would be if every Christian would take a personal sabbath – a time to slip away – to pray, to refresh, to refocus and to love on Christ the way He continuously loves on us- perhaps that would be reflected in how we treat one another!

I know you’re busy – you’ve got stuff…your’re doing things…you’re getting things….I wonder how important any of that would be to you afer you make it a habit to slip away…just to pray!

Be encouraged! I’m trying to get there too!

c/2012 Candie A. Price

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