Shed Those Grave Clothes

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

Romans 8:18-38 has to be one of the greatest passages penned by Paul. It is one of those passages that lights your spirit and literally dances in your heart – especially during times when you are experiencing angst, uncertainty or are just plain tired of life’s issues. 

     Some of us experience suffering and we don’t always rejoice in its midst. I’m not talking about the suffering that we bring on ourselves, we all know that is often a result of our disobedience. I’m talking about the suffering that we experience because we belong to the body of Christ or because we are doing what God has instructed us to do – whatever that is. Paul encourages us, through his words to the Roman church, that although we may experience suffering -that it cannot be compared to the glory that will be revealed in us. In essence he is saying that no matter how excruciating your suffering, no matter how unbearable it may seem, it is nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in you when Christ returns. He then lets us know that we’re not alone in our eagerness to be fully united with Christ at his coming – that even creation is groaning to be restored to it’s pre-fallen state. Remember that the ground was cursed when Adam fell and it, too, is suffering as a result and looking forward to restoration. 

     So here we, God’s children, are suffering, are waiting, are groaning for His return, also creation is awaiting restoration…but in the meantime we experience trials and tribulations on this earth that sometimes threaten to shatter our foundation. Paul says don’t worry, the Spirit will help us in our weakness, the Spirit will intercede for us even when we don’t know what to pray for because we have been called, we have been set a part and everything that we go through, all the trials, all the heartaches, all the haters, it is all working together for our good. Before the foundation of the world we have been called, justified, and glorified.  

      So what does this all mean for you? Child of God, see the big picture. Yes, you may be going through, yes, you may be experiencing tumultuous times: people may be turning their back from you, marriage may be shaky, friendships few, money is dissipating, health may be frail – or you just may feel disconnected from your purpose – no matter what it is – know that it is not the big picture. The big picture is that you are a child of God and he has preordained you, justified you and glorified you and because the Lord has committed himself to doing all that for and through you – there is NOTHING that can come against you that will prosper, there is NOTHING that can separate you from God’s love and there is NO ONE that can condemn you before God! Are you shouting yet? How awesome is that???

     Someone may be setting a trap for you right now, but guess who can come against you? NO ONE! Your job might be threatened tomorrow and you may have to seek new employment but guess what will break you? NOTHING! There will always be challenges in our lives, there will always be people to come against us, especially if we are standing on God’s Word, but there is NOTHING and NO ONE that can stand between us and the love the Father has for us. You WILL NOT break, so stop acting fragile! You WILL NOT be crushed, so stop acting like a victim. You WILL live and NOT die, so shed those grave clothes! You are called, you are justified, you are glorified and you ARE loved, so GET UP and MOVE on!

   You ARE MORE than a conqueror – you don’t have to see it necessarily, but you do have to believe it! What shall YOU say to these things?

c/Candie A. Price

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