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Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Matthew 5: 6

We live in a society wherein we can pretty much get whatever we want.  We will work extra jobs to make sure that we have the creature comforts that appeal to us and make us look prosperous and successful.  Cars, jewelry, clothes, houses, plasma screen televisions and Wii games have flooded our list of possessions.  Our nation is also one of the most obese because of our attachment and gluttony for rich, creamy, and fast foods.  The saddest part of this vignette is that we often possess many of these things and they still don’t satisfy us. Innate in all humanity is the hunger for fellowship with the Divine One who made us and created us in His own image.  Many don’t recognize that it is the Divine that is calling them into relationship, so they seek to fill that emptiness within their souls with the things of the world, but they don’t and they won’t satisfy.

Jesus, in His Sermon on the Mount, says that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are not only blessed, but will be satisfied! Hunger and thirst are intense desires like cravings.  When we crave something we want it so deeply that nothing else can take its place.  We will drive way across town if we crave an oreo milkshake that only a certain place can make “just right.” Or we will move heaven and high waters to spend time with that special person whose company we crave.  But Jesus wants us to parlay our cravings into a strong and intense desire to know Him. We know that only God is righteous so our hunger and our thirst for righteousness is embodied in seeking Him, craving Him and desiring Him. Why? Because only when we seek after Him, will we be satisfied (filled, content).

Important to this process is also a question that we should answer that will help us know where we stand in terms of seeking Him.  Is God hungry and thirsty for a relationship with YOU? Is He seeking to spend time with you but you are unavailable? Is He waiting in the parlor of your heart like a love-sick suitor waiting to spend time with you, hoping to get a glimpse of you, hoping that you will join in fellowship with Him?

If you are filling your life with all types of things and all types of “stuff” hoping to fill your desires, then you are seeking after the wrong things.  You shall surely be blessed if you hunger and thirst for Him, and fulfill His thirst and hunger for you, then you will be satisfied, satiated, filled, and content.

©2009 Candie A. Price

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