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Be led of God. Be prayerful, be prepared. And be organized. But most of all don’t let anyone stop you from trying.

Candie A. Price: Regina, where are you from and what is your career background?

Regina Wells: I currently work for Carrollton City schools as an Administrative Assistant at New Horizons Alternative School. However, I have been writing and directing theatrical productions for over 14 years. I am the Performing Arts Ministry Overseer and play write for A Place of Refuge Ministries in Carrollton GA

CAP: What are you trying to accomplish with this film, Between Love and A Hard Place? What lessons do you think are in the story?

RW: The goal for this film is to “show the world Jesus in a Real way”, by producing productions that have spiritually uplifting themes, reaching out to people of all ages, genders, and races while dealing with real life scenarios. This film is specifically family centered. By depicting issues many married couples face concerning prioritizing family life balanced with work, past relationships, in-laws and the effects parents’ relationships have on their children, as well as how the past can affect our present. This film is intended to cover all the bases while offering Christ as the ultimate solution.

CAP: How did the project come about and how did you get it produced?

RW:“ Between Love & A Hard Place” was first a play entitled “What little boys are made of!” I wrote and produced the play for the men of my church as the performing arts ministies “gift” to all the fathers and sons of my church. It was performed the Monday that followed Father’s day in 2009. My Pastor was present for the production and after it was over, (it was only an hour long) he was very pleased, as well as the other men who were present. They felt that others including the women of the church needed to see the play, so my pastor actually cancelled bible study the next night and allowed us to do the play again. Needless to say I was very humbled by this jesture. The women of the church and others in the community heard about the play and packed out the second performance. Shortly after I heard the voice of the Lord say “this will be your FIRST movie.” I sought God for direction and He guided me to who and how to seek financial support for the film. The moment I sat down with the executive producers, private investors, they were sold on the project since they, too, had seen the play. I rewrote the script into a screen play and began work on casting the movie. We contacted BernNadette Stanis and with in days she had her rep. call us back saying she was interested. This happened almost the exact same time that we contacted Canton Jones and Kaira Akita. Irone Singleton and Nina Nicole were friends of mine and Unique’s and we contacted them one on one and asked them to be a part and were so grateful that their schedules allowed them to participate. Once the finances were in place it was Unique’s job to put together a team to make the movie come to life. She hired Brent Brooks from Blank Stage Studios in Atlanta and Brent in turn came aboard as Co-Director and hand picked our production crew.

CAP: Give us details about distribution and where our readers can learn more about the film.

RW:Right now distribution is in negotiation, it is our prayer to see this film on the big screen. We are asking everyone to become a fan of the film online on the facebook page , our website is forthcoming.

CAP: What advice would you give to Christians looking to become involved in producing Christian films?

RW: Be led of God. Be prayerful, be prepared. And be organized. But most of all don’t let anyone stop you from trying.

CAP: What’s on the horizon for Regina Wells?

RW: I am working on the next screen play, I plan to do lots of work with several of the celebs I have met and networked with since the beginning of Between Love & A Hard place. And most of all what’s next for Regina Wells is whatever the Lord has in store!

CAP: Thanks so much for sharing with us and we look forward to seeing the film!

RW: Thank you Candie!

Featured in: WOW! Magazine Winter 2010

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