Power in words

There is so much power in the words we speak over our lives! It would behoove us to stop using “buzz words” that we hear others say just because they are popular and practice instead to use THE Word as a barometer for our situation! I am NOT struggling, I am NOT trying to make it – I am blessed and walking in favor (Psa. 5:12). I am NOT waiting on “my season” because every day I wake up I am reminded of God’s provision in my life, of His unending love for me, of His ability to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what I can ask or think DAILY – tomorrow’s “season” isn’t even promised! His Word is rich, it is powerful, it is LIFE for TODAY and if we spend more time in it than in the distractions around us or the practice of religiosity, then we would begin to appropriate those Words of LIFE over every area of our lives. Then, we, the Christians, the called out ones, the ones with the very presence of God residing within us wouldn’t walk around defeated, climbing over rough sides of mountains, waiting on breakthroughs- but would tap into THE power source, walk in victory, move mountains, LIVE in the Spirit and truly be able to help somebody else! 66 books with AMAZING words to live by, to speak over your life for healing, provision, and power! Stop defining your life or circumstances by words that are based on the temporal things you have or don’t have! #beaWORDgirl #beaWORDguy and LIVE out His Word in your life TODAY! #happySONdaythrowback  #changetheconversation

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