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Since the late 1990s blogs have come a long way! What might have begun as single-author blogs on one particular topic, have now ballooned to include multi-author blogs, video blogs, photo blogs and more.  Many businesses are using blogs as an additional way to reach their target audience to sell their products, engage their customers and solidify their brand. Now that everyone has a blog, how do you get your blog posts to stand out from the rest?

If you’re a business owner or part of a business team and you want to write a blog, you need to know how to turn your blog posts into one of the best tools you have in your marketing arsenal.

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HubSpot, a leader in marketing software, regularly hosts webinars to help people and brands reach their target audience effectively by using various marketing tools.  Recently HubSpot hosted the webinar, How to Whip Your Business Blog Content Into Shape, through their HubSpot Academy.  This live webinar is approximately 62 minutes in length, but well worth your attention.  HubSpot promoted this educational event primarily through their website and social mediums. You can access the recorded version by clicking here.

If you want to turn your blog posts into a dynamic asset for your business, here are a few tips from the webinar that are sure to catapult your efforts and help your posts stand out from the rest.  Take notes and take heed so that you can Pow! Zap! and Kaboom your posts into the blogosphere!

1.  Pow! You need to have amazing titles

According to HubSpot Academy Leader, Mark Kilens, and InBound Learning member, Chris LoDolce, you need to get good at writing amazing titles.  Your titles need to draw your readers in and be better than average.

2.  Zap! them with a killer hook in the intro

So much attention is given to the importance of SEO and keywords to drive the traffic to your site, and although helpful, Kilens and LoDolce insist that your content be more focused on the persona of your reader.  What does your reader want? How will you reach him/her?  Write intros that tap into your reader’s emotions:

  1. Use humor

  2. Get personal

  3. Shock them

  4. Show empathy

  5. Tell a story

3.  Kaboom! Tell a good story but be succinct

Most businesses already have a laundry list of what they hope to accomplish with their blog, right? Kilens affirms that businesses want to “drive a ton of traffic, generate leads, garner social shares, establish themselves as leaders in their fields, and keep readers engaged.”  However, Kilens suggested a paradigm shift by asking, “But what about your reader?”  Every piece of content you produce should have a purpose, but embedded in that purpose should be the desires of your reader.  Tell a good story that gives your reader something of value.  Kilens states that your reader will walk away with more than just a good story if he/she:

  1. Has learned how to do something

  2. Now thinks about something in a new way

  3. Is entertained

  4. Has his/her curiosity piqued

  5. Has advanced his/her skill set

According to Kilens, make sure that your story is succinct – “compelling enough to hook-em but succinct enough that they have time for it.” Corey Eridon, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Content Manager, says, “When someone asks me how long a blog post should be, I say, ‘As long as it needs to be to achieve it’s purpose. – And not one word longer.’” In essence, when writing your amazing blog post you should take time to edit, edit, edit and know when to stop talking.

Check out HubSpot Academy and their many informative and rich content webinars on blogs and other marketing tools absolutely free of charge at http://academy.hubspot.com/. In no time at all you’ll be on your way to a Pow! Zap! Kaboom! blog that’s destined to bring back readers over and over again!

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