Longing for Him

20My heart is breaking with the longing that it has for Your ordinances and judgments at all times.

Psalm 119:20 (AMP)

The Psalmist had gotten to the point where he felt as if his heart was breaking because it longed for God’s Word at all times! WOW! Can we get to the point where we are so in love with God’s Word that our heart and soul longs for it – It’s more important than life – more important than brushing our teeth or combing our hair? Will it be so deep for us that it is vital – its necessary! Can we exclaim with sincerity, “If I don’t get enough of His Word I feel as if I will just die!” Will we die without God’s Word?

If we are going to get the mess out of our lives – the stuff that resides within us that God has no use for – we must put God’s Word in its rightful place – It has to be our top priority – it has to be at the top of our To Do List – we can’t compromise – we can’t say wait till I get to it – we can’t list all the other things we have to do – and many of us are busy – we’ve got tons of stuff to do in a day: we have to maintain our households by cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, husband, and working full time – but if the Word of God is not top priority on our list – then we have taken God out of our priority and the things and the people He’s blessed us with have replaced Him in our lives.

He says to Seek Him First, He says to Worship Him, to fellowship with Him, to give Him time – yet we have allowed our blessings to take priority over the Blesser – we’ve put our gifts over the Giver! Our souls must long for Him AT ALL TIMES – we should feel completely out of whack when we have not fellowshipped, have not spent time with the Lord – our souls should break with longing!

If you’re not taking in enough of God’s Word, how are you surviving?

c/Candie A. Price

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