It’s all good

28And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

I don’t know if you all missed me or not, but I certainly missed writing to you! Boy, have I been through a lot since going on this “vacation” which actually turned into a staycation! We had plans to go home to Philly this summer and relax with friends and family. I so looked forward to getting away and was very disappointed that we wouldn’t be making the trip. However, all things truly work together for the Good! Just as we were about to finalize our plans, our daughter received a scholarship to attend a film camp. We couldn’t say no because this was her dream, to have a career in film. My youngest daughter was also able to attend the camp so our trip was canceled to allow them the time and experience to learn more about the craft they desire to pursue. I must be honest, however, though I was happy for them I was crushed! Living away from your friends and family is not an easy thing to do and I desperately wanted to go home. But to see the faces of my daughters who thoroughly enjoyed themselves and to hear that the experience solidified for my daughter what her career goals would be – it did work out for the good! So what did the Lord do for me? Just when I was about to get down in the dumps about my situation He reunited me with a dear friend that I had not spoken to in over 6 years and we talked on the phone ALL day long catching up! What does all of this mean? Sometimes there are times when we have to forego or sacrifice what we want for others, this is the ultimate test of love. However, the Lord doesn’t forget about us, He doesn’t leave us to the wayside – He cares enough about us to always allow things (ALL things) to work out for our good! I don’t know what kind of summer you’ve had or are having. I don’t know what kind of struggles face you today. But although you don’t see the silver lining doesn’t mean there isn’t one coming! The Lord loves and cares for you so much that He will loop around and bless you and allow those “tough spots” to work out for you. You may not see it at the moment, but continue to trust Him, continue to praise through! Because He is not a man that He should lie. It’s all good! Have faith and believe it!

c/Candie A. Price

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