Is God Driving?

I was driving home after taking my girls to school this morning and I saw the marquee on a church which simply stated, “If God is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats.” I can almost remember when the saying God is My Co-pilot became popular. There were bumper stickers, buttons, and other items displaying the saying and people proudly placed them on their cars, etc. There is also a saying that goes, “When You know Better, You Do Better.” I think that this is now the case as this church apparently has gotten the message. We must put God in His proper place – We cannot be in the driving seat of our lives – we will, undoubtedly, crash and burn.

If you are making all of your decisions and then going to God, if you are in control of how you live your life – then you are the driver and God is merely sitting in the passenger seat waiting for you to complete the journey. However, if you know that God is in control of your life and you are willing to be lead and guided by His perfect hand, then you need only ask him for directions and allow Him to steer. Is God driving your life – or have you mapped out your destiny on your own? If you are still in the driver’s seat, then you need to switch seats…..and don’t be a back seat driver still trying to call the shots to the driver – Rest in His plan for your life and trust Him to get you to your destination – after all He not only knows the way – He created it!

c/2007 Candie A. Price

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