I Will Do A New Thing in You

I believe the Lord wants to do a new thing in each of our lives. What do you think I mean by new? I mean fresh, rejuvenated. When we became saved the Bible says we became new creations – old things passed away, behold all things become new. Paul talks about us walking in the newness of life. Sometimes however, after we’ve been saved for awhile we get complacent in our walk, we get so settled to the point that we no longer seem fresh or rejuvenated – some of us even appear stale, dry, old, dead. All direct opposites of new.

We all like the newness of things – we love to buy new things – clothes, cars, furniture, but sometimes we get attached to something and don’t want to give it up. We get attached to those shoes – they were new at one time – we wore them every chance we got. We even went out looking for more outfits to match them. They were our favorite shoes – now they’re comfortable and reliable – broken in just right but when they get tattered and worn and start to come apart we have to face the fact that it’s time to get a new pair of shoes.

I believe as Christians we have the same idea when it comes to our walk. We were excited about Christ when we first got saved – running for Jesus and I’m not tired yet…but we do get tired…we do get weary. Sometimes circumstances have worn us down. Sometimes people have worn us down and we are now complacent and still – just going through the motions – coming to church Sunday after Sunday and not really doing much with the Word that we hear. No witnessing, no sharing our faith…..we’re just chillin. And I believe it is at this point in our lives that Christ wants to do a new thing in us. He wants to stir up the gift that he has placed inside each and every one of us. There is something that he wants to do with and through us. He wants to renew that same intense fire you had inside of you when you first got saved. Remember? When you first came to the realization that Jesus Christ died on the cross just to save you? When you first realized that man was born into sin because of the fall of Adam & Eve and that God loved man so much and wanted a relationship with him so much that he had to make his only son the only way to redeem man back to himself. Now because of his shed blood on Calvary we have a right to eternal life. When you heard that Gospel you were excited! Couldn’t wait to tell someone about the Good News of Jesus Christ. But now you come to church because you know you should. Not really devotion, more like duty. You become complacent. We all become complacent . But God wants to change that – He wants to do a new thing in all of us. Today allow the Lord to do a new thing in YOU!

In your calling.

In your character

In your commitment

In your creativity

In your conduct

In your caring

In your family

In your friends

In your foes

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