I’m About to Lose My Mind Up in Here, Up in Here

Second, I have transferred schools and am now completing my Masters in Christian Education online.  This, too, is a bittersweet moment for me.  I love the classroom – I love interacting face to face with people. However, I am also excited to study what I am studying, as my old school didn’t offer the same courses and I can be more flexible for family situations and/or emergencies.

Yes, life has these bittersweet moments embossed within it and we are all constantly adjusting, readjusting and balancing so many things.  However, most important is knowing that God has laid out our courses, he has fashioned each one of them to his purpose for us.  We have many tests to take, overcome, retake, and persevere through.  However, God has already graded our tests with the blood of Jesus Christ – we have to continue through the process with victory in our minds.  There is NO weapon formed against us that shall prosper and even when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him.

On your mind today may be whatever test and trial you are facing.  But you don’t have to sing songs about losing your mind! It might seem that everyone is moving forward but you. It might seem that you just can’t get things to gel together to save your life! You’ve been worrying about health, about finances, about your children, your family, your church! Whatever it is that is trying to block your joy, steal your countenance or depress you – it is a lie from the enemy! You don’t have to have all the answers in front of you to live victoriously! You don’t have to have it all figured out or see exactly what God is doing to have joy! Fear not, trust in his promises, rest in his provision and get on up, do a two-step and praise him like you don’t have a care, frustration or fear in the world!

We all have busy schedules, we all have anxieties and frustrations, insecurities and trepidation at times. Know without a doubt that it is he that is with you, he that is your God, he that will help you and uphold you!  Real balance can be achieved when you begin to rely more on the hope of Jesus Christ – his death sacrifice for YOU, his resurrection for YOU, and his ultimate return for YOU!  Cover your mind with this hope and you will find balance in your day to day!

Now you can sing a new song, I’m About to Raise My Praise, Up in Here, Up in Here!

c/2010 C. A. Price

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