I Cry Out

Psalm 119:145-152

145 I cry out with my whole heart;  Hear me, O LORD!   I will keep Your statutes. 146 I cry out to You;  Save me, and I will keep Your testimonies. 147 I rise before the dawning of the morning,  And cry for help;  I hope in Your word. 148 My eyes are awake through the night watches, That I may meditate on Your word. 149 Hear my voice according to Your lovingkindness; O LORD, revive me according to Your justice. 150 They draw near who follow after wickedness; They are far from Your law. 151 You are near, O LORD, And all Your commandments are truth. 152 Concerning Your testimonies, I have known of old that You have founded them forever.

v. 145 – The psalmist knew what it was like to cry out to the Lord with one’s whole heart – with everything you have! Sometimes we cry out to God from the depths of our pain begging Him to hear us – He does hear us. He knows our needs – our wants and our desires: He understands our pain.

v.146- We cry out to the Lord to save us and we vow to keep his testimonies, however, we must be earnestly willing to follow through – For He WILL deliver us!

v. 147 – Early in the morning we can cry to God for help – having the utmost hope in His Word. He is a faithful God and He will work things out for our good and His glory. We must become yielded vessels – willing to go all the way through!

v. 148 – We must meditate on the Word of God – allowing it to saturate our thoughts – our heart and our being so that we look more and more like Jesus and less and less like ourselves.

v. 149 – Lovingkindness – we want God to hear us based on his lovingkindness. Our souls cry out to the Lord, “Lord, you have a lot of children and your job is plenty – but according to YOUR lovingkindness, please hear ME! You’re a righteous God, a just God, and I ask that you hear ME and revive ME according to your lovingkindness and justice.

v. 150-152 Others who love wickedness follow after it and are far from you, but You are near and your commandments are truth – You have founded your testimonies forever

Practical Application:

Know that you can call on the Lord for any reason and at any time. As His child you have absolute access to the throne of God. Avail yourself to times of fellowship with Him – early in the morning – as you rise to start a new day – worship and praise Him for His lovingkindness toward you. Yes, He has many children, but He will be near even to you as He loves you with an everlasting, unwavering and perfect love.

c/Candie A. Price

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