How Ya Walkin?

Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.

Colossians 2:6-7

Paul reminds the church of Colosse that they have received Christ Jesus the Lord.  Paul has to remind them because false doctrine is infiltrating the church and Paul responds by instructing them to remember whom they have received….Christ Jesus the Lord and as a result of this fact – walk in Him! Some of us have been saved so long that sometimes we need to go back to this very basic, fundamental realization: we have received Christ Jesus the Lord – we have been bought with the blood of Jesus, we have been set apart exclusively for the Master’s use – we have redeemed from the marketplace of sin! SO, walk in HIM! There is no time to get caught up in false doctrine – there is no time to worry about what other people are doing or saying – no time to waste on silly, petty disagreements or “church” polity. So STOP & REMEMBER, then WALK!

Remember that you have received Christ Jesus the Lord! Remember that He chose you before the foundation of the world to be a joint-heir with Him! You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood – so…walk in HIM! Not in the ways of the world – not in what feels good, what looks good…walk in HIM! The One who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light! The One who has delivered you from the pit of hell – from the bondage of sin! Walk in Him – live in Him, live for Him, live unto Him! It reminds me of the Andre Crouch song back in the 70’s – Take me back, take me back dear, Lord, to the place where I first received you. They were to reflect on their salvation in Him and, therefore, pattern their lives around that fact. And let’s not read too fast and skate over the fact that Jesus is identified in this passage as Jesus Christ THE Lord! In the Greek it states Jesus Christ – the One who is THE Lord! He is LORD!! And my husband always says He is Lord whether you make Him Lord over your life or not! Jesus Christ is THE LORD – He is the Ruler, the Master –regardless of what the false teaching indicated – there is no other – Jesus is the One who is The Lord!

Then Paul goes on to say that to walk in Him requires being rooted, and built up – established in the faith. This speaks to the Christian’s maturity and the growth process.  You are to be rooted – not waivering, not slipping and sliding – going with every wind of doctrine. Your faith must be strong and established.

It is easy to tell whether a Christian’s faith is rooted, built up or established.  Just let the hell hounds get on their track! Let their name get dragged through the mud, or they experience heartache or turmoil.  If they act like children who can’t have their way and they begin to moan and complain and they’re stuck – their faith is not established.  If they can’t give an “in spite of” praise regardless of what they are going through – they are, therefore, not established.  But the Christian who is mature – whose walk reflects strong roots and a durable Teflon praise and continual growth, he/she is rooted, built up and established in the faith.

Paul then says, do this just as you have been taught, abounding in thanksgiving! Come on, you have been taught to stand strong, you have been taught to keep a praise of thanksgiving continually on your lips for all of the many blessings God has bestowed on you.  You can’t give credence to this stuff around you – you know better!

So just as Paul is encouraging the Christians of Colosse, I ask you -Why are you so downcast? Why is your countenance low? You know who you are and in whom you have believed! You have been saved by Jesus Christ – the One who is The Lord – so why aren’t you walking in Him?  Why are you getting sidetracked from the mission? Your salvation is not about positions or fame or importance.  It is not about the annual days and who made you mad at church! How ya walking? Are you strong and steady like a focused soldier or are you cast down, destroyed, and waivering? Are you stuck and having trouble moving forward? Then STOP, REMEMBER and then WALK!

c/Candie A. Price

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