How to create a winning LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has proven to be a premier social platform to connect with professionals around the globe. Your profile is not merely a boring resume you post online for others to view. Your LinkedIn profile is not just what you’ve done, but who you are professionally and how you can help others with your knowledge, expertise and abilities. LinkedIn, if used correctly, can be a conduit for longstanding business relationships with potential employers, professionals and/or collaborators.

If you want a winning LinkedIn profile that accurately depicts you as a leader in your field, these tips will help your profile stand out.

  1. Professional Photo – A picture of you lounging on the couch or cropped out from another photo will just not do! Also allowing the gray silhouette provided by LinkedIn to remain as your profile photo, is totally unacceptable! Why would anyone want to do business with someone not willing to show his or her face? Invest in a professional photo for your LinkedIn profile photo to show you are a real person with a real smile and personality.

  2. Informative, Attention-getting headline – Who are you? What sets you a part from others in your field? Use powerful words in the headline section to succinctly and clearly explain what you do and what you can do for those viewing your profile. Don’t just say you’re a lawyer include your specialization to distinguish your area of law.

  3. Completed Work Experiences – take the time to complete your work experience section so that your current and last few positions can be populated. This gives the person who is merely scrolling through an opportunity to see where you’ve worked and perhaps prompt a closer look at your profile.

  4. Well written bio – Do not just copy and paste your resume! Who wants to read that? Write your bio in first person and make it conversational as if you are talking directly to the person that is viewing your profile. Be careful not to make it too wordy, but also be as clear as possible about your skills, experience and ability and what makes you so good at what you do. Be sure to include accomplishments that are outstanding and noteworthy that relate to your field of business.

  5. Recommendations – Have you worked with clients and other business professionals that would love to share how you’ve helped them solve their problems, handle their accounts, and/or improve their bottom line? Ask for recommendations to be included on your profile. Look at this as if it is a digital word-of-mouth! When someone views your profile, they are automatically given a referral for your work or business from those who have worked closely with you.

  6. Upload files and/or documents that show your expertise – LinkedIn gives you the ability to upload pdfs, slides, and even video that share with others how great you are at what you do! What better way to showcase your abilities without paying for advertising.

  7. Posts – LinkedIn recently rolled out a post feature that allows each user to write posts about topics relating to their field of expertise. This is a wonderful way to gain followers and contacts as you share your knowledge and set yourself a part as a thought leader in your field. You may or may not have immediate access to this feature as LinkedIn is releasing it gradually to members. However, if you do have it don’t hesitate to use this free opportunity to get your posts read by thousands of other users, even if you are not connected as contacts on LinkedIn.

As you can see, LinkedIn is definitely NOT a place for you to put a boring profile with your copied and pasted resume, it is a FREE, digital, powerful asset for you to promote your business expertise and knowledge to potential clients, employers and professionals. There are so many ways to use the LinkedIn platform to advance your career, but hopefully you will have at least started with these basic tips to help you make your profile stand out. If nothing else, PLEASE get rid of that gray silhouette!

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