Fear is Not an Option

26He let forth the east wind to blow in the heavens, and by His power He guided the south wind.27He rained flesh also upon them like the dust, and winged birds [quails] like the sand of the seas. 28And He let [the birds] fall in the midst of their camp, round about their tents.29So they ate and were well filled; He gave them what they craved and lusted after. 30But scarce had they stilled their craving, and while their meat was yet in their mouths, 31The wrath of God came upon them and slew the strongest and sturdiest of them and smote down Israel’s chosen youth.32In spite of all this, they sinned still more, for they believed not in (relied not on and adhered not to Him for) His wondrous works.33Therefore their days He consumed like a breath [in emptiness, falsity, and futility] and their years in terror and sudden haste.

Psalm 78:26-33

If anyone has a testimony to tell about deliverance and God’s providence, it is the Children of Israel! The Lord brought them through dangers seen and unseen and it really didn’t have anything to do with them – rather it had everything to do with his love for them and his being true to his promises!

After the Lord delivered Israel from the hands of Pharaoh, he continued to guide them and provide for them even while they were in a wilderness – both literally, and psychologically.  He promised them protection, he promised them a covering, he promised them guidance, and he promised them an inheritance – he promised them a land.  However, they were still psychologically and spiritually inept to handle what he was offering them.

The children of Israel rose up against Moses and complained because they were craving the foods that they were accustomed to eating.  The Lord, in his infinite mercy, provided for them manna from heaven.  The Psalmist recounts their cravings and acknowledges the provision of God to satisfy them.  However, the Psalmist says that while the meat was yet still in their mouths, God’s anger kindled because in spite of his provision, in spite of what he had promised them, in spite of his mercy toward them…they continued to sin, they continued to believe not or adhere to his wondrous works!  What more could they have possibly been seeking? Why was their faith so faint? The fruit of their unbelief was years of wandering in a wilderness like a cat chasing its own tail – while the Lord purged generations that were unfit to see the Promised Land.

What is the relevance for us today through this account? Many of us stand halted between our circumstances and our blessing because we have allowed unbelief to grip us and hinder us from entering into the promises of God! We are Betweeners! We will continue to chase our own blessings in a circular fashion until we release the bondage of fear and move to a higher level in the Lord! I learned many years ago about an acronym for fear = F. E. A. R. = False Evidence Appearing Real – it’s circumstantial! It wouldn’t hold up in a court of law because it’s not real! Whatever the devil has told you, it’s a lie! If God has already promised to see you through, if he has already approved your inheritance – then get up and BY FAITH walk through the entrance to your promised land! Don’t just stand on the border, don’t just look in from the outside perimeter, don’t continue to walk around frustrated and unfulfilled! What God has for you is for you.

The amazing thing about what the Israelites did for me is that AFTER they were full, after they had gotten what they wanted from God, then they didn’t want to give him their loyalty or praise.  How can we, in the face of a holy God, experience his bountiful blessings and then refuse to trust him? Doesn’t that sound like ungratefulness to you? Don’t you hate it when people use you for what they can get from you? Then how dare we use up his air every day, accept every single blessing he bestows upon us daily, but hold back our devotion and our trust because of fear?

The Amplified Bible states that their days ended in emptiness, falsity and futility! You are a child of the living God! You are a joint heir with the King of Kings! This is not what you were called to! Stop standing in the way of receiving your deliverance from God.  Don’t be a Betweener just idly sitting by trying to figure out why your change hasn’t come yet! Now that you’re full of the manna from the Lord, you’re already at the brink of his promises for you, walk on in and receive your inheritance! Bend your posture in prayer to the Lord, tear down every imagination and thought that is holding you back, release your desires and those secret things that are really at the root of your stagnation! He’s standing at the brink with you….he’s got his hands held out ready to guide you over the threshold…..Fear is not an option!

c/CA Price

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