Don’t we sometimes struggle with the fact that we don’t have enough? Most women aren’t satisfied with just one pair of black shoes, right? We can never have enough! We have to have a different pair of black shoes with each outfit. We can never have enough clothes and we most certainly will assert that we can never have enough money! It just seems like we never quite have enough of that! However, whatever we have at this exact moment in our lives – today- this very minute….God has given us enough! Do you believe that? At this very moment whatever you have is enough for you right now. Can you be satisfied with that? I admit, it’s not easy being content with what you have but contentment will bring peace and not anxiety. Contentment will bring patience and rest.

God says that His grace is sufficient for us. Grace is a precious gift that God gives us although we don’t deserve it and mercy is a free pass from the judgement we ought to have for our sins. God told Paul that although he was looking for relief from his thorn in the flesh – He had provided for him what he really needed – the sufficiency of grace. I know that you feel that you don’t have enough..of whatever….but really you have everything you need because you have above all else, God’s grace.

Isn’t that enough?

c/2007 Candie A. Price

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