Well today I resumed my workout at the gym. I had a hard time last week when my workout partner had other plans during the week.  Sometimes it is really hard to stay focused on a task without the support of someone else.  I should have been strong enough to go to the gym regardless of what my friend was doing – but I must admit I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate to work out! However, I’m going to encourage myself with one word = Endurance! I work out the best when I “get in the zone” in my mind.  That means that when I am focused on what I am doing and not easily distracted, my mind is settled on what I have to do and then the rest of my body follows suit.  This is true for all of us in our spiritual walk – Belief affects behavior – what you believe you can do, you will achieve because all of your actions will be intentional and deliberate in getting the results you desire.  So, whatever it is that is set before you to accomplish, both physically and spiritually, professionally and personally – remember to endure, remember to stay focused and not give up! I know you can do it, speak those things that aren’t as though they already were!

On another note, my daughter is soon to move away from home and go away for her first year of college.  I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it, but ready or not the time is fast approaching.  I don’t understand why she didn’t like the idea of me transferring to the Divinity School on her campus and becoming her roommate???? lol – it sounded like a good plan to me….

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