Dr. Nikki Jones

I love dentistry!  I love the service of dentistry.  I love the art of dentistry.  I look forward to what each new day will bring.  The people I meet and the lives God touches through me is truly amazing.

Candie A. Price: Tell us a little about yourself, marital status, children (and ages), city, state you reside, etc.

Dr. Nikki Jones:  I am a 34 year old single female currently living in Charlotte NC. I am a native of Salisbury, NC and the owner of Trinity Cosmetic and General Dentistry in Concord, NC.  I do not have children, however I have two beautiful nieces ages 7 and 15 months that keep me very busy.  

CP: You’re a very busy woman with her hands in a lot of things, tell us about your career and ministry accomplishments

DNJ:  When I was 15 years old, I decided to choose Dentistry as a profession.  In 1996, I graduated with honors from North Carolina Central University with a Bachelors degree in Biology.  In 2001, I graduated from the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Dentistry.  After graduation, I moved to Charlotte, NC and found my new church home, University Park Baptist Church.  In 2003, I became a member and joined the Singles and Global Missions ministries.    My new church was conveniently down the street from my new job.  I worked in a large dental practice with 4 other dentist.  In December of 2007, I opened by own private dental practice, Trinity Cosmetic & General Dentistry.  

CP: After only 5 years you began your own dentistry practice. How were you able to achieve this accomplishment and how difficult was it for you, as a woman, to gain the respect and confidence of the clients you serve?

DNJ: It was not an easy journey.  It started 3½ years ago.  God started speaking to me about starting my own business.  At the time I was very comfortable at my job.  I doubted my ability to start a dental practice alone.  So I redirected my focus and started taking more continuing education classes to improve my skill and knowledge, however ignoring the call to move on.  A year passed and God began speaking again.  He said, “It’s time.  Have Faith. ” At the time, I was taking a Sunday School class called “Experiencing God.”  We were on Chapter 7, The Crisis of Belief – God’s invitation for you to work with Him always leads you to a crisis of belief that requires faith and action.  The following chapter focused on obedience. As God was working, I felt his presence, heard his voice, and I saw His vision.  I could no longer ignore the plans that God had revealed for my life.  I finally put my faith in action.  In December 2007, Trinity Cosmetic and General Dentistry was birthed.  In return, I give God all the glory and recognition.  I named the practice Trinity for what He accomplished through me.  

As a young female African-American practitioner, first impressions mean everything.  Dentistry primarily has been a male-dominated profession since the 18th century.  In my first 2 years of practice, many patients would say, “I would like to see Dr. Jones today.”  Then I would say, “I am Dr. Jones” and they would reply, “I want to see a male doctor. I have children older than you.”  As time progressed, patients began to identify me as “the gentle dentist with small hands. “They gained confidence in me through experience.  The dentist is ranked in the top 3 greatest fears amongst the general population.  I show patience and concern for those fearful of treatment.  I pride myself in taking a little extra time with each of my patients to educate them about dental health and create an overall plan for maintaining a healthy smile.  I’ve found they truly respect and appreciate it.   

CP: With all that you’re involved with, what are you most passionate about?

DNJ:   Missions and Service.    After dental school, I have always wanted to volunteer for dental missions.  In 2005, the opportunity was revealed.  My church offered a training class for short-term missions.  Through this class I learned there was an opening on a 15 person medical mission team for a Dentist in Kenya, Africa.  I received training for 10 months. In August 2006, I went to Africa to provide emergency dental services for the villiage of Meru, Kenya.   I was met by 2 Kenyan dentists that assisted on the mission field.  It was an awesome experience!  While there, I also appeared on one of the local TV shows to talk about the mission.  This mission is just the first of many yet to come.  I’m already planning my next mission for 2009. My goal is to complete one short-term medical mission each year in different locations all around the world.  

I love dentistry!  I love the service of dentistry.  I love the art of dentistry.  I look forward to what each new day will bring.  The people I meet and the lives God touches through me is truly amazing.   My patients feel the peace and serenity when they walk through the door.  I am truly walking in my purpose.  

CP: What is your greatest challenge as you balance your professional career and the other things in life you hope to achieve?

DNJ:  Delegating.  I must learn how to delegate responsibility.    I am a perfectionist when it comes to dentistry.  At my first job, I was a dentist.  In my office, I am the dentist, office manager, staff trainer, lab tech, accountant, etc.   I work around 10-12 hour workdays and some weekends to get everything done.  It’s exhausting at times but I know that it takes time and patience for all the systems to run smoothly and independently.  

CP: How do you handle that challenge?

DNJ:  Trust in God.  God is my strength, He is my help. He is my Savior. He is my everything. Without my relationship with God, it would be impossible for me to handle the obstacles and setbacks that occur.  I face my triumphs as well as my challenges with God as my guide.  He teaches me how, where and when to move.

CP: Who would you say is your greatest source of inspiration and why?

DNJ: There are a couple of people who truly inspire me.  My first inspirations comes from my past.  My father and grandfather were also dentists.  My father graduated from Howard University in 1959.  My grandfather also graduated from Howard University in 1924.  I am privileged to follow in their footsteps and continue such a rich legacy.  They are both deceased, neither knowing that I would pursue dentistry as a career.  I often imagine conversations about dentistry today in comparison with dentistry practiced in the 1920s-80s.  

My inspiration also comes from my mother.  My father passed away when I was 15.  She continued to provide for my sister and me without missing a beat.  She has always been a self-employed business owner.    Every night, she gets down on both knees before bed to thank God for everything.  In all my life, I have never seen her go to bed without getting down on both knees, first.  She has prayed for me and covered me through the years, instilling in me the fundamentals and foundation of God.  

CP: What could you tell us about yourself that probably most people that know you wouldn’t know?

DNJ:  I am a high-blue belt in the martial art of Taekwondo.  A close childhood friend opened a Taekwondo school and invited me to take adult classes.  At first I was apprehensive. Then I decided to participate in one session.  The next thing I knew, I had a white uniform and I was testing for my next belt level.  I have 7 belts now, just 3 belts short of my black belt.  It is a great source of exercise, memory development and fellowship.  

 CP: I always like to ask this question of those I get a chance to interview, How would you like to be remembered?

DNJ: In speaking with others, I’m known to be very transparent about who I am as a person.  I want others to see me at face value.  I am very real and down to earth.  I love to smile and bring peace and happiness wherever I go.  I try to bring a positive perspective to every situation.  I would like to be remembered as a light.  I want my light to shine so brightly that it becomes infectious and contagious, so others will want their light to shine also.  

CP: What more would you like to accomplish in your lifetime?

DNJ:  God has blessed me so richly in having a loving family, great friends and blossoming career.  My focus now is giving God my best.  

CP:You may leave any contact information, projects, books, materials, websites, etc. for our reading audience:

DNJ: www.trinitydentistry.com

Featured in:

December 2008 WOW! Magazine


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