Dr. Dora Sanders Hill

Even the senseless murder of her daughter hasn’t stopped this incredible woman of God from moving from battle to Victory and from Victory to Glory! Dr. Dora Sanders Hill is an ordained Evangelist and Co-Founder of Victory to Glory Ministries International, along with her husband, Pastor Edward H. Hill.  Dora has been saved for 28 years and preaching the Gospel for more than 25.

NAME: Dr. Dora Sanders Hill

SPOUSE: Pastor Edward H. Hill

CHURCH: Victory to Glory Ministries International

RESIDENCE: Indianapolis, Indiana

CHILDREN:   Kimberly Bryant, 25., Roni Maxey, 26 , and Terry Sanders, 27; Grandchildren: 6

PROFESSION: Certified Training Consultant, Ordained Evangelist

Candie A. Price: How long have you and your husband been married and how many children do you have?

Dr. Dora Sanders Hill: In June we will be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. We have a total of 6 children and 10 grandchildren.                                    

Do You. Everything God needed He created. We are divine by design. Be original, it’s ok and God is counting on you. Each of His children is unique and has significance. Recognize how much God loves you and realize that you are complete in Him.

CAP: How long have you and your husband been in ministry?

DSH: Pastor Ed has been in ministry for 25 years and I have been in ministry for about 25 years as well.                    

CAP: What would you say is your greatest challenge in being the wife of a pastor?

DSH: Without a doubt my greatest challenge has been maintaining and growing in patience. 

CAP: How did you handle that challenge?

DSH: Well, honestly, I’m still growing, but it is my earnest prayer. Everyday I just remind myself that God is in control and His perfect Will is being done in my life.

CAP: A tragedy happened in your life that has caused you to have even more passion about ministry, you’ve written a book and you’re heavily involved in ministry. Could you briefly describe your experience for us, tell us about your book and the ministry you are involved in?

DSH: Seven years ago my oldest daughter, Crystal, was brutally murdered in her home. She was only twenty-five, a beautiful young lady who loved the Lord.  She was also the mother to one son, Carl who was six years old at the time.  Having been saved for most of her life it was hard for me to reconcile that event. God had already begun to birth the revelation of  “Spiritual Warfare: The Myth Exposed”, (which is the title of my book), in me.  It was clear that the devil truly is defeated and we as Believers spend far too much of our time in warfare, instead of genuine authentic worship.   But the event of her death added another piece of the revelation; it brought me to an awareness that bad things do happen to good people.  I learned that in Christ we are not victims but God has chosen and ordained even tragedies as a testimony of His Faithfulness.  Everything we go through as believers is for His Glory!  We have the victory no matter what the outcome. God remains faithful. Even though our faith is tremendously challenged during these times, it produces a victory that overcomes the world!

The ministry is called Victory To Glory Ministries International and our mission is to point the Church back to the Cross  and the victory that Christ died for us to have. We travel around the world preaching the gospel of Peace and challenging the church to move from battle to Victory and from Victory to Glory. My passion is to encourage the Saints during these difficult days we face.  The church has literally worn itself out in warfare. I tell people, “ I didn’t sign on for the war, I signed on for the rest! Glory to God!” This year we have been invited to the UK, Cape Town, South Africa, and Brazil. So we hope to travel sometime in the next twelve months abroad.

CAP: What is your life’s verse and why?

DSH: It’s 1 John 5:4 “Whatsover is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.” It serves as a daily reminder to me that my faith produces victory, not my warfare. The battle is not mine, but the Lord’s. I must put my faith in Jesus Christ who gives me the victory.

CAP: What piece of advice would you say is essential to give to a minister’s wife that will soon become a pastor’s wife?

DSH: “Do You”. Everything God needed He created. We are divine by design. Be original, it’s ok and God is counting on you.  Each of His children is unique and has significance.  Recognize how much God loves you and realize that you are complete in Him. Too many pastor’s wives feel inadequate and that just shouldn’t be.

CAP: How do you balance your personal achievements, your participation in your husband’s ministry and your family life?

DSH: I think we really just have one goal…that’s to please the Father. Fortunately, our ministries have merged and Victory to Glory Ministries has become our main focus. But our family, our church, and any civic work we are involved in flows from the same singleness of purpose. That mindset has been developed over the years and we have agreed to find a way to make it work. So I guess the short answer would be communication and agreement is the key.

CAP: What biblical character has influenced you the most in your walk and why?

DSH:  I think Jesus, most definitely. I mean He is the perfect example of everything that I hope to become. He is the example for every other example. So I really desire to know Him.             

CAP: First Lady the Real truth is about the ambiguous role of the pastor’s wife and often there is a misconception about the roles and duties of a pastor’s wife – what do you think is the best way for a pastor’s wife to reconcile the expectations of the church body with whatever plans God has ordained for her in the body and what she and her husband have decided would be her role?

DSH: She must remember that God has a plan, a Master Plan. It’s easy to get fragmented and lose sight on God while trying to please so many.  In God’s plan some things will fit some won’t. She and her husband must prayerfully seek God for her role in ministry as well as the church.  God’s plan is a perfect plan and it will be the best fit all the way around producing His purpose.

CAP: Tell us a little about your husband and the church he pastors.

My husband is as gentle as Sunday morning… He’s known as Peace and I’m known as Praise. So we’re a perfect balance and He is literally my best friend. We enjoy ministering together.  He is a true Pastor with an apostolic anointing. God has raised him up as a spiritual father to many young pastors who look to him for counsel. Last year our church went through a very difficult and challenging time.  We sought God’s guidance for this next level, and recognized that the evangelistic aspect of our ministry was where God was leading us.  We have a core group of people with a tremendous heart to see souls won for the Kingdom. We meet weekly for worship and prayer, and Bible study. But we are focused on going out, so we travel a lot. We come into worship; we go out to serve.  As a church, we carry the mandate of Victory to Glory Ministries and see ourselves as trailblazers.  Our theme is ‘More than A church, we’re creating a Movement”.

CAP: How do you want to be remembered?

DSH: I want to be remembered for my Faith. In each dispensation God does something significant in the earth. His Will is carried out through individuals that heard and obeyed His voice.  I want to be found among those history makers who had the courage to step out of the box and trust God.

CAP: Finally, what could you tell us that most people would not know about you?

DSH: Most people that know me think I’m very confident and self-assured, but I’m really not at all. My confidence comes from my faith.

CAP: Now you can give our readers any information you’d like to advertise about your or your husband’s ministry – websites, etc. 

DSH: My book Spiritual Warfare: The Myth Exposed, is available from our website www.victorytoglory.org.  We can be reached for ministry functions, conferences as well as marriage workshops at evangelistdora@msn.com

Featured in : WOW! Magazine April 2008


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