Doing Your Part

2 To know wisdom and instruction, To perceive the words of understanding, 3 To receive the instruction of wisdom, Justice, judgment, and equity; 4 To give prudence to the simple, To the young man knowledge and discretion— 5 A wise man will hear and increase learning, And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel,

Proverbs 1:2-5

We’ve all experienced a historical event last night as we witnessed the election of the first African American man to the presidency of the United States. However, it my desire that all Christians understand the part that they must play not only in the future of our country but in the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For some reason I was drawn to this scripture written by King Solomon as he renders wisdom in the book of Proverbs. It is the responsibility of all of us to seek wisdom in times like these. We can no longer idly stand by and watch others craft our future – we must take an active part. Surely it seems that the country is ready to do so. But we cannot look at one (human) person as the answer to all of our internal problems as a country. However, we can look to Jesus Christ to provide opportunities for us to do what He instructed us so long ago – to go and teach all nations, to take care of the poor, the widow, and the least among us. Yes, this is an opportunity for the country to come together to mend the brokenness and bruises of the past, but also to extend her hands of healing to the world around her. It is also time for the Christian, regardless of his or her political views, to seek to do God’s will person by person, step by step, and day by day letting others know that there is a God that loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Just what am I saying? I’m saying that this is an opportunity for Christians to seek wisdom from the Lord – to be vessels of change through Biblical means – to be proponents for justice, judgment and equity – to hear and increase learning and to attain wise counsel. This is not a time for us to let others use our love for the Lord and our faith to divide a country because of a few issues. The greatest issue we have in the world is that others would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ in the pardon of their sins. Yes, we will help in the causes – we will roll up our sleeves and do what we can to bring a country together, but we will never forget that we are ambassadors first, for a Holy, Righteous and Just God. Real change will come when others come to know Him, change will be realized when the Church stands up and becomes the witness and the light that God is calling for. We all have a part to play – will you stand up and do your part?

c/2008 Candie A. Price

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