Cold Night Relief

8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

James 4:8

I’m reminded of an example my pastor’s wife used many years ago in which she compared intimacy with Christ to sitting by a fire, cozying up under a warm blanket and reading a good novel. That image stayed with me because it is one of my favorite things to do in the winter. I hate cold weather, but I love the ambiance you can create on a cold night. I love candles and I love to light my home with the aroma of great smelling candles – the more the better! I love to watch the fireplace and the crackling of the logs as I cuddle under my favorite blanket and read a book or watch a good movie.  Of course this scenario is made that much more desirable if my wonderful husband is cuddled beside me – that’s intimacy!

We can experience that same intimacy with Christ! James says if we draw close to God, He will draw close to us. We must seek every opportunity to experience intimacy with Christ – pouring out our heart to Him, seeking His cleansing power over our lives. We can be assured that when we seek Him, draw nigh to Him – we will be cleansed and purified. When you seek God wholeheartedly, you don’t live a double life, you don’t possess a double mind! Double mindedness is trying to serve God but still holding on to the things of the world. When you seek God with your whole being, the world has no hold over you.

What’s going on in your life today? Are you hanging on a string between the world and the Lord? Are you worshipping Him with dirty hands? Is your heart full of the mess of the world? Today is the day for you to make a decision to no longer yield to the war between the flesh and the Spirit. Of course we all have those moments as Paul said when he would do good evil was always present and as long as we are living in this flesh of ours it will do battle with the Spirit. But there is a way to win the battle of the flesh – by drawing near to God! So, here’s a suggestion for your next cold night (be it either natural or spiritual) – grab your favorite blanket, light a few sweet smelling candles, grab the Word and draw nigh to the Father – I promise you, He’ll draw nigh to you!

c/2008 Candie A. Price

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