Charge Your Battery

18This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare; 19Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck: I Timothy 1:18,19

It is probably a good idea for all of us, even if we don’t believe in making resolutions, to at least take a view of our lives and make goals and objectives at the beginning of each new year. Most important, however, is taking the time to review, analyze and examine our spiritual walk to ensure that we are in line with what the Father has in store for our lives.

Paul charges Timothy to war a good warfare. We understand that this Christian walk is more of a battleground than a playground as we are constantly warring against the attacks and traps of the enemy. We must realize that we are fighting and that we are not in this world merely to please ourselves or others. We must be able to handle the pressures of this life as the enemy engages us in the battle. We must also be alert and recognize the “friendly” fire that often hits us during the war. The friendly fire is when our own folks, church folks, family, etc. shoot their guns our way. It is at these times that we think they are our enemies, when in fact, the devil is our only foe.

Good warfare is battling with the tools that only the Lord has given us: His Word. You may be tempted this year to use your words, your attitude, or revenge as weapons against others – but hold fast to the Word of God and let Him truly fight for you!

We will probably face strongholds and strategies that are fashioned to destroy us, but God is our shield and our buckler, our very present help in time of need! When Satan engages his strategies against us he brings arguments that work against God in order to hinder us. He’ll tell us that we are alone, that God is not listening to our cries, that He doesn’t care about our circumstances, that others are fighting against us, that our enemies are other people. But we must armor up in all of our regalia –the whole armour of God that we can stand strong in the face of battle. We must fight Satan’s rationale with the Word of God.

Paul also charges Timothy to not only fight, but also to keep the faith! Holding the faith means that we are embracing the whole Gospel message with obedience to the doctrine of God. Make sure that you lay hold to the Truth of God’s Word with a good conscience (which let’s us know when we are doing wrong). Above all else, stand on God’s Word and don’t waiver – it is Truth and it will direct your path.

Finally, Paul charges Timothy to endure friction. This year you may be faced with some trying times and circumstances, but you can endure to the end because your God is able to keep you from falling and is able to present you faultless before His throne! Fight the good fight, endure and finish your course, and above all keep the faith! Charge or recharge the battery of your life and get going! You’ve got a charge to keep and a God to glorify!

©2009 Candie A. Price

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