BrandStory: Chic Society Boutique

We love to feature entrepreneurs and small business owners and how they are making their brands shine! Check out our talk with Brand owner, Jennifer Hooks, about her online store, Chic Society Boutique.

Business title: Owner

Business name: Chic Society Boutique

How long have you been in business? 1 year and 6 months

How did you get started? I invested $300 from a bonus I received from my day job to start my online accessory boutique.  I used the majority of it to purchase handbags for inventory.  I took the rest and purchased business cards and my website.  

Why did you choose this area of business? I chose this because I am a handbag junkie.  We as women carry our lives in our handbag so it may as well be stylish. 

What’s the most challenging thing about operating a brand? The most challenging thing is knowing that I cannot participate in every opportunity that comes my way.   

What’s the most rewarding thing about operating your brand? The most rewarding thing to me is being able to help women around the world enhance their look.  When you look good you feel good.  

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received? Treat your business as if it were a big business from day one. 

What advice would you give for other entrepreneurs/small business owners? Don’t be afraid to collaborate with others. Set up a mastermind group to help you reach your goals.  Those individuals should be able to give you insight from a much different perspective.  You may also be able to leverage their contacts and audience to your advantage.  

What has been your most successful achievement so far in your business?  I co-host a mixer by the name of Luxe Life Mixer. I had a vision to provide local business owners a place to sell their products while providing citizens a positive place to go.  This event has really exceeded my expectations.  We now have both local and out of state vendors, celebrity guest hosts, and a charitable element has also been added.  

In your opinion, what makes a successful brand?  A successful brand is unique in its own way.  It also has devoted shoppers or clients who will spread the brand’s mission on their own.  

Leave information about how others can find you: Visit online at I’m on all social media outlets as @ShopChicSociety. 

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