Brand Relationship Status with Facebook: It’s Complicated

  1. Don’t give up! Remember that Facebook is a FREE platform that enables you to reach your target audience in a way that you might not otherwise be able to without spending an enormous amount of advertising funds.   Even with targeted and promoted ads through Facebook, you can still reach your audience with a smaller advertising budget.

  2. Continue to engage and provide value! Don’t get discouraged by the reach numbers your Facebook analytics show.  Continue to provide engaging content and make sure that your posts are of value to your audience that will, in turn, increase your brand loyalty and cause your audience to seek you out even when they aren’t seeing all of your posts.

  1. Study your analytics carefully! Facebook analytics are there for a reason – it’s an awesome opportunity for you to understand your audience behaviors; when are they most likely online? which types of posts are they responding to the most? What are their demographics and how do those demographics define their online behavior? Don’t make matters worse for your organic reach by not learning from these analytics.

  2. Post often, post smarter! Don’t make the mistake of only posting content once a week or every so often! You have already lost your audience if you do this! After you’ve studied your analytics like mentioned above, test the waters a little by posting at different times per day to see how your analytics improve or not.  There is no one-size-fits-all for brands – what works for another brand might not work for you – so try different approaches but always remain true to your brand’s message.

  3. Go back to Number 1!!!! Don’t give up!!!   Yes, Facebook’s new algorithm has given many of us heartburn and we’re in this very “complicated” relationship with them, however, remember that it is a FREE platform and it’s social; you have to interact WITH your target market, you have to provide them with something of value to them,  and you have to engage with them so that they continue to come back more and more even when they don’t see all of your posts so that they will seek out your page to see what you have crafted just for them!

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