AMA Leadership Summit: Stronger Together

Imagine calling together hundreds of people to a huddle in Chicago all of whom have one specific thing in common. Now imagine that that specific thing is tied into what drives them individually every day in their own corners of the world – pushing them to excel – to be impactful in meaningful ways – to change the world around them. Yes, they are passionate! They are marketers! They are leaders of the American Marketing Association, converging together at the 2015 American Marketing Association Leadership Summit.

The Summit is housed this weekend, May 1-3, at the beautiful Chicago Marriott O’Hare. I’m ecstatic to represent my board, the AMA Birmingham Chapter, along with fellow board members Laura Prewitt and Clif Eason and wanted to share with you some great take-a-ways from this energetic and contagious group of people. Here’s what happened on Day 1:

Social Media 301 – Presenter Angela Connor, Senior Vice President/Group Director, Capstrat.

Clif and I were traveling so we missed a huge part of this session, however, what I actually got to sit in on definitely compels me to get the presentation in print!

Angela’s take-a-ways:

  1. AMA Chapters should use engaging posts, i.e. franchise posts, behind the scenes videos, interviews with employees or company leaders, conference or event photos

  2. Know what’s trending, stay informed of what’s going on (mainstream, local, etc)

  3. Revisit your strategy

  4. Get someone on your team who is experienced with target marketing ads

  5. Look-a-like audiences are an important lead strategy (you can input your audience from one social medium into another for lead tracking)

  6. Write a brief about your tone and voice for social media

Stronger Together! Opening Luncheon and Chapter Excellence Award (CEA) Celebration

San Francisco AMA – Turn-it-Up Chapter of the Year

  1. Short video showed SF AMA networking events as energetic, fresh and youthful

Nashville AMA – Bronze Second Runner-Up

  1. Spread the WHY – great concept – use videos of board member responses and share in monthly meetings

  2. Creative programming & thinking outside of the box with power lunch speakers brought sexiness to their chapter!

  3. Average attendance at their monthly AMA power lunches = 145!!

  4. Revenue went up to over $100K – used money for speakers and showered members with benefits


Triangle AMA – Silver First Runner-Up

  1. Be more than a team! Be a family!

  2. Opportunity of a lifetime must be seized at the opportunity

  3. How will you be remembered and what will people say about you? You fill in the blank! Rise up with humility & servant’s heart

  4. Stand together to do incredible and extraordinary things!

  5. MLK Jr.’s word was “Dream.” Mother Teresa’s was “Humility.” What will yours be?

Lincoln AMA – Gold Chapter of the Year

  1. 88% of persons polled agreed that being a member of Lincoln AMA helped them achieve their goals

  2. Lincoln AMA raised nearly 100k in In-Kind sponsorships!!!

AMA Update – AMA CEO, Russ Klein

  1. Do CMO’s matter? Russ Klein counters with Does Marketing matter?

  2. Research shows that #marketing managers can suppress their own consumption preferences, needs & attitudes

  3. The Next AMA = Service Leadership, Intellectual BIG TENT Agenda, Online/Offline Fusion in AMA marketplace. One Brand One AMA!

  4. Why not US? Why not YOU? YOU are the One #StrongerTogether

  5. You are the one video presentation: Marketers: you FEEL in italics! You think in ALL caps! YOU are the one!

Lessons from Leaders: Marketing Leaders Panel feat. Sandy Kolkey, Chief Marketing Officer, Turtle Wax, Inc., Rebecca Messina, Senior VP, Marketing, Venturing & Emerging Brands, The Coca-Cola Company, AMA Board of Directors, and Scott Monty, Exec. VP of Strategy, SHIFT Communications, AMA Board of Directors

  1. Share your #epic moments – put yourselves in the place of others

  2. PR & marketing = comes together in how we can measure what our customers are telling us

  3. We don’t need more big data, we need small insights

  4. Customers call the shots but don’t necessarily define the brand

  5. Delta Airlines asked important question to customers after being served, “If you owned your own company would you hire the person that served you?”

  6. A great brand story trumps all!

Board in a Box Presentations – Communications: Crafting a Passionate Following – Angela Brutsche, Colleen Chappell

  1. Measure, monitor, record – You’re here to protect the brand

  2. Maximize chapter website, increase blog engagement, use technology to get ahead

  3. Standardize processes & keep mission/vision front and center for board members

  4. Communications can make or break programming

Dinner and Inspiration – Featuring Josh Bleill, Indianapolis Colts Community Spokesperson

  1. What you do is affecting everyone

  2. The people that stress us out the most are often the ones we learn the most from

  3. What can you do with 30,000 marketers with purpose and drive! #strongertogether

  4. We have to explain the big picture to everyone and show them how their part is beneficial

  5. Explain to others your passion – why you so what you do

  6. Never stop learning – be prepared, Train and be ready

  7. AMA look around at your support system!

  8. Competitiveness is a good thing to sharpen each other – to be stronger

  9. In 2006 Josh became maimed – woke up 5 days later – lost both legs – but his Sargent never gave up on him – he was, after all, STILL a Marine, still here!

  10. We always think if we have more we’d do a better job but it’s about perseverance in how we do our job

  11. No matter how long you’ve been in AMA it’s about enjoying every day! being #StrongerTogether

  12. Goals are even sweeter when you achieve them!

  13. You gotta be uncomfortable sometimes! you have to market yourself!

  14. AMA is a big wonderful family! 30,000 can cause a lot of positive damage!

  15. Remember to say THANKS!!!

As you can see this was one AMAzing start to an impactful and motivational Leadership Summit! Wonder what nuggets tomorrow will bring? Stay tuned!

To learn more about the American Marketing Association, click here.

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