AMA Leadership Summit – It’s All About YOU!

Day 2 of the American Marketing Association Leadership Summit, was vigorous yet challenging and energizing! The day began with LOUDtables – 30 minute roundtable discussions in these categories: Leadership, Membership, Programming, Sponsorships, Communications and Collegiate Relations. Each person was encouraged to choose three topics from the aforementioned categories and then change tables every 30 minutes. I attended the following LOUDtables: Social Media Communications, Communication Tools Best Practices and Member Value Creation and was encouraged by the free flow of information and encouragement by these AMAzing group of marketers.

Here are a few take-a-ways from the breakout session and luncheon that followed:


Presenter: Angela Brutsche

  1. For communications team collaboration: make a commitment to a system platform to streamline board processes

  2. Embrace tech. Create process sheets. Stick to your deadlines. (via ccosta77)

  3. Strategies and tactics for building committees

  4. Build out job descriptions for volunteers

  5. Consider getting those who do not want to volunteer to mentor others with similar skillsets who do

  6. Use templates and checklists to manage communications and make it easier for everyone, especially when planning events

  7. Email is not dead! It can still be used to drive event attendance

  8. Platform suggestions:

  9. Whova – consider getting an app for your chapter for attendee engagement and networking

  10. AdRoll for target marketing

  11. GreenRope – CRM platform

….And then there was Christian Costa from Rochester AMA giving us an example of what we all experience as leaders of AMA!

Ever feel like this on your communications team? #amasummit #StrongerTogether — Christian Costa (@ccosta77) May 2, 2015

During lunch we were thrilled to hear from Amy Gerhart Favreau, Past President Richmond Chapter, and the 2015 AMA Volunteer of the Year! Congrats to Amy! Here’s a few nuggets from her talk:

  1. Being around other passionate volunteers made Amy want to do more! She challenged us to join her in doing more and surrounding ourselves with like-minded people

  2. The AMA culture is about working hard and playing hard – it’s about people!

  3. AMA people are AMAzing ! We are reflections of one another – persevere with passion!

  4. Today you are you that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You! – Dr Seuss BE YOU

Membership Session:

Presenters: Liz Denning and Will Krieger

Membership Panelists Amanda Melendez Simcha Kackley, Jared Houser

Chapter examples and advice:

  1. if you really care about starting a movement be the first one to follow!

  2. Getting new members involved? ASK!!! natural follow up

  3. Group member acquisition – team up with local BizJournal to see what businesses are new in town

  4. Platform suggestion: Qualtrics for membership metrics

  5. Buy one get one on event tickets for guests and to increase interest

  6. regular YP meetings for students for engagement and recruitment

And then this happened….fun times in Chicago!

Stay tuned Thursday for what happened on Day 3!!!

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