AMA Leadership Summit: Build a Bigger Life

Day 3 of the American Marketing Association Leadership Summit was short but sweet as we closed out with more empowering concurrent sessions. I chose to attend Colleen Chappell’s talk on “Influence and Lead” and our closing session featured a super AMAzing presentation by Adam Carroll titled “Build a Bigger Life!” It truly doesn’t matter what field you work, or what your life experience, these were truly top-notch presentations for anyone with a pulse! Here are a few take-a-ways:

Influence and Lead

Presenter: Colleen Chappel

Colleen shared a heart-wrenching story of what she learned through the legacy of her mentor, business partner and friend, Dianne, who was diagnosed, and eventually succumbed, to a rare form of cervical cancer. Even through Dianne’s physical malady, she continued to live strong as she had always done and pour into the lives of other

Colleen challenged us to think about the leader whom we most admire and to ask ourselves, “When I die what do I want to leave as a legacy?” She encouraged us to connect with that in our lives before it’s too late!

5 C’s of being a leader:

  1. communication, uncommunicated expectations is a guarantee for disappointment

  2. collaboration – get with others that can help

  3. consistency – everything you do is a precedent

  4. courage ! have the courage to do what needs to be done

  5. confidence – fake it until you make it if you have to!

  6. Words account for 7% of how people judge you

  7. The people that are leaders of influence are just like us! WE CAN DO IT!

  8. What are YOUR traits of leadership and what’s missing? Know how to close the gap!

  9. Character is who you are when no one is watching

4 key things it takes to become a powerful leader of influence:

  1. Modeling – people are first influenced by what they see. When you model define short term chapter goals and long term vision

  2. Motivating -Become a motivational influencer and connect with them on an emotional level. When motivating celebrate success – keep board members energized

  3. Mentoring – Become selfless – it’s not about you it’s about the greater good of the people involved. It takes time to mentor – it’s selfless and so important. Listen – request feedback, adapt as needed

  4. Multiply- You help people become positive influencers in their own lives. Delegate – engage each person on your team weekly – recruit based on strengths -build sustainability

  5. AMA has incredible influence – bright AMAzing leaders! Push each other to the next level

  6. Moment of Truth: What are YOU going to do now? Stretch yourself & Lead with Influence!

  7. Shake yourself TODAY! Make your moment of truth today! Time is of the essence

Build a Better Life

Presenter: Adam Carroll

Mantra of the Day: alive. alert. happy. healthy. cordial. firm. friendly. cordial. enthusiastic.

  1. Our habits shape the type of life we lead

  2. 4 legacies to leave: Financial freedom, time freedom, relationship freedom, service freedom

  3. We were put on this earth not to be employed but to deploy!

  4. First tackle of defense – GET debt free!

  5. Freedom: the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action! liberation from slavery!

  6. Less is more – 20 min per day challenge for 1 week – Get rid of the STUFF that won’t change your life

  7. Try 2 keep your day a level 10 from start to finish! Maintain it throughout the day as much as is humanly possible

  8. The sweetest sound to another person is the sound of their own name Work to remember others=relationship freedom

  9. Ask deeper questions when meeting others – What are you most passionate about instead of What do you do, etc.?

  10. We all have networking P.O.W.E.R. – Promote Opportunities While Establishing Relationships

  11. There are 4 types of people – adders, subtracters, multipliers and dividers

  12. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with- Jim Rohn

  13. See yourself as the architect of your life

  14. Work like crazy to make the life you want and surround yourself with people that will help you get there

  15. Are you putting out there what you want or are you keeping it to yourself?

  16. Have a BIG vision – having a bigger life requires having a BIG vision

  17. Happy things do not create happiness it’s happiness that creates happy things!

 Thanks for reading about my AMAzing time at the 2015 Leadership Summit! And THANKS to the AMA team that helped make it successful. #StrongerTogether

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