Am I My Sister’s Keeper?

All of us have had some things happen in our lives that have left us with bitterness and negative effects. If we are honest, we will all admit that when we came to God, we came broken. Broken from our circumstances, broken from people who have misused, misguided, misjudged or misunderstood us. Broken from situations that have left us speechless, breathless and in some instances, hopeless. We are broken from childhood, adulthood and even sainthood—yes, we’ve been broken by “church people” and church circumstances. We have to face the fact that we are broken. Somewhere along the way someone has done us wrong—broken our heart, broken our spirit or our state of mind. All of us have emotional baggage that we carry around with us, amongst them anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, guilt, etc. that prevent us from experiencing wholeness in our lives and consequently in our relationships.

Of course God is aware of our brokenness. He wants to teach us through His Word practical ways in which to transfer our brokenness onto Him so that He can ultimately transform our lives! And when God begins to transform our lives—we are then enabled to disciple others—especially our sisters in Christ. Luke 22-32 says “and when you have been converted, strengthen your brother”.

That’s really what sisterhood is all about—strengthening one another. Are we our sister’s keeper? Yes, we are. So who is our sister?

She is the new babe in Christ who has just joined the church. She is that friend of yours whom you’ve known for years, you watched her go through, you’ve watched her in her times of despair yet you have not truthfully shared God’s Word that could heal her situation for fear of losing her friendship. She is your female relative who doesn’t want to hear your counsel because she remembers “when”. She is that sister who sits on the same pew as you Sunday after Sunday yet you haven’t reached out to her and extended yourself. She is that person in your church whom you don’t particularly like. She could quite even be your known enemy! But guess what? She is still your sister!

When you become your sister’s keeper, God creates a bond between the two of you that surpasses human understanding—like the relationship between David and Jonathan. This relationship doesn’t occur overnight—but you become accountable to her and take an active role in her wellbeing as Jonathan did when Saul tried to kill David. You are responsible for how you treat her, how you respond in situations, and believe it or not—it doesn’t matter what your personal feelings may or may not be toward her. No, I haven’t lost my mind! Hebrews 3:13 tells us to exhort one another it even says daily. When was the last time you exhorted (encouraged) another sister—yet alone daily!! Romans 12:15—you weep when she weeps, you rejoice when she rejoices. We are to encourage one another, build up one another—not tear down. Pray for and with one another (James 5:16). Jesus commanded his disciples to “make’ disciples of others in Matt. 28:19-20. This entails association and instruction. A disciple associates or interacts with a protégé on a personal basis. Jesus had chosen his disciples so that they might “be with Him” (Mark 3:14). Paul also recognized that discipleship occurs in the context of close relationships or in the sharing of life (I Thess. 1:7,8).

Nowhere in the context of these scriptures does it say that our responsibility toward one another be based on whether or not we like each other! If this is the case then what is the driving force behind our being a keeper to our sisters?

© Candie A. Price

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