A Word Just For You

These last couple of weeks have been tough! But I know that I’m more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. The enemy is challenging my faith, attacking relationships and trying to hinder me from writing. During this attack, I have been meditating on a word that I initially wrote just for myself and shared it with my Facebook friends recently. I decided to share it with you also and pray that it will bless you as it is continually blessing me! It isn’t very long, but I know that it’s a word in due season!

People will leave you and then blame YOU because it was easier to judge you than to believe in you. But God will never leave you nor forsake you, they were not invested in you but God will be there to bring out of you those things that He has placed within you to move you toward your purpose! You have been chosen! Don’t fall apart! You may get to the edge – but there is something in you that will snap in you and bring you back to yourself, or even better back to Him and you will rise up and live and not die!

c/2009 Candie A. Price

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