A vessel of honor through stewardship

Last time we talked about being vessels of honor through submission. We stated that submission, an often misunderstood word, is required from God so that He can get the very best out of us as we submit to Him, our mates and others in authority. When we submit as unto the Lord He can use us mightily for His kingdom.

Serving through stewardship allows God to show himself through three areas of our lives: our time, our gifts/talents and our treasure.

TIME God wants us to be good stewards of our time. Time management is not just keeping busy but includes finding God’s focus for you – choosing a direction and moving ahead to accomplish your goals. Managing time is one of the most difficult skills for us to develop because it takes maximum effort and realistic planning. We cannot allow others to decide what our priorities should be and make our schedules for us. If we use small portions of time faithfully we can accomplish many things.

What should our day include? Time for proper nourishment and exercise, rest, work and time exclusively for the Lord. If we are honest, we might get at least one or two of those in per day but rarely all of them. We also must focus daily on meaningful time for vital relationships – our spouse, children, etc. Then we cannot forget that we must be good stewards over the time we spend doing spiritual things. Are we feeding our spiritual man with Bible Study, Sunday School, etc. Are we not attending those things because we waste time on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings?

The reality is that we have time for the things we want to have time for. We would drop the laundry, the dishes, washing the car – anything if someone says to us, “Hey, I’ve got free tickets to the Bahamas but you must leave tomorrow!” We would find a babysitter quick, fast and in a hurry! We would call our jobs and suddenly feel sick (Ooops, I’m sorry, you wouldn’t do that….would you??) We would rearrange our schedules because it’s something WE wanted to do! When some of us were in the world we didn’t care what time we came in from work, how tired we were, we took a quick shower, laid out our clothes and pressed on to the party! But now that we’re saved, sanctified, and fire baptized on Wednesday after work we are sooooo tired. It’s too late, it gets dark too fast, I’ve got to eat, I’ve got to rest, I’ve got stuff to do around the house…the list goes on and on. I wonder what God thinks about our whining! When it comes to spiritual things we don’t have the time! But let the hell hounds start on our trail and we’re calling around to all the saints – is there Bible study tonight? Where’s the pastor? Can somebody pray for me? We’ve got all the time in the world suddenly available.

We must ask God to help us plan our time wisely so that we can use it effectively not only to get the daily mundane things done that we need – but that we are available to serve Him, to hear from Him and to fellowship with Him and His children.

Next we’ll focus on our gifts/talents. Until then manage your time, don’t let it manage you! ©2006 Candie A. Price

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