A Posture of Prayer

Theologian Martin Luther had this to say about prayer, “There is no Christian who does not have time to pray without ceasing. But I mean the spiritual praying, that is; no one is so heavily burdened with his labor, but that if he will he can, while working, speak with God in his heart, lay before Him his need and that of other men, ask for help, make petition, and in all this exercise and strengthen his faith.”

How the Father seeks to fellowship with us through our prayer life! Often times we go about our daily lives as if we are, in fact, the one setting everything in motion. God graciously sends us reminders of His presence and His sovereignty as we hear the chirping of the little bird and see the blazing sun stand at attention as it does its job to erase the darkness of the night – all while we get in our cars or take our buses to work. God is at work and the firmament declares His glory! Yet….we have not spoken to Him.

As we continue throughout our hectic day we have been protected from dangers both seen and unseen. Angels have guarded our steps and have battled the enemy in the spiritual realm and have kept him and his agents at bay. Yet, we have not spoken to Him.

Even during those days when we’ve had difficult moments: some folks have gotten on our last nerve, our car broke down, someone got sick, our money is short because of an unexpected bill, nobody seems to want to act right….we still have reason to rejoice! God shows up and shows out just in the nick of time, He causes our tongue to be silent so that we don’t make a situation worse, He allows us to see how He is going to fix our situation even though it looks impossible. Yet, we have not spoken to Him!

We arrive back at home (not the shelter, not a cardboard box, not a car)- but home, safe, sound and in tact. Yet, we have not spoken to Him.

My dear brother, my dear sister, the Lord desires that we communicate with Him, that we exercise our faith in Him through constant fellowship – not just when we face trial, not even just when things are well…but without ceasing we stay in communion with the Lord.

What does your prayer life look like? Make certain that you continuously bear witness of His glory just as the wind that whispers His name as it blows, just as the trees that wave to His majesty, so should your heart in thankfulness and prayer!

©Candie A. Price

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