5 social media mistakes that make my hair stand up!

1.  Using a regular Facebook profile for professional use – Not only is this against Facebook’s TOS, it’s just a waste of time! When you use a regular profile as a business page instead of creating a professional business page or fan page, you are limiting your reach and the valuable analytics that Facebook provides when you have a professional page. How will you know who is interacting with your page? How will you be able to further reach your target audience with messages crafted just for them? How will you know what are the best times for your posts or which posts were the most successful? Regular profiles don’t give you these options so don’t miss out on valuable data, create a separate professional page to interact with your audience and promote your business. If you need to start a professional profile page, click here. If you are concerned that you will lose the number of people you have already acquired on your page, no worries; you can actually convert the page to a business page and all of your “friends” will become “likes” for your new business page. To convert your page to a business page, click here.

2.  Paying for ads on another Facebook page to reach their “like” audience. If someone is charging you to put an ad about your business on their Facebook page because they have a large “like” audience, they are not only breaking Facebook’s TOS (third-party advertisements on another page is prohibited), but they are actually not doing anything but taking your money! How do you even know if their “like” audience is even your target market or that it even reaches anyone on your behalf at all? I have actually met with several clients recently who have done this thinking that their message was being effectively marketed. Do your pocketbook a favor and STOP and think for a minute! Facebook has instituted promoting ads and posts to get your ad dollars. I’m pretty sure they aren’t willingly sharing that with Joe Schmoe who is charging you to put your posts on his page!

3.  Auto-response messages in Twitter. If you want to tick off your new Twitter “followers,” place an auto response on Twitter and have it say something like, “Thanks for following me, buy my ________ or follow me on _________.” Really? You’ve just been “introduced” to this person and right away you’re going in for a hard sell or asking them to follow you on another social medium? Don’t do it! It’s okay to thank them for following you, but leave it at that. Don’t make them regret following you or even unfollow you because you’re trying to do too much right away. Remember that these are “social” mediums and you are trying to build relationships with them, share information, etc., but it takes time. So if you have those annoying auto-responders on to push someone to do something more after you’ve only just been introduced, head over to Twitter and take it off, or at least change it to “Thanks for the follow, looking forward to reading your Tweets!”

4.  Automatic posts between Facebook and other platforms. We are all very busy and we love the ability to post to several platforms at once. However, there are times when it doesn’t work so well. If you are automatically posting your Twitter posts to your Facebook page, you will need to check the page to make sure that it not only posted correctly, but that it is serving your audience. For instance, many times the Twitter link posts to Facebook without generating a photo. However, we know that photos and videos get better engagement on Facebook so having a page full of links with no visuals will most undoubtedly not appeal to your audience, especially those on mobile devices and it could also look like you don’t want to take the time to engage with your audience or provide them with anything useful. The best way to combat this and not spend a lot of time posting, is to use Hootsuite or some other platform that will not make it look like your posts are automated.

5.  Abandoned profile pages. So someone told you that you needed to be on every social medium for your business and you opened up a page for ALL of them, but you can’t possibly manage them all. First, let me say that you don’t need to be on every social media platform – only what makes sense for your business! If you have a product or service that is visual, of course it might make sense for you to be on Instagram or Pinterest. However, only open what you can manage and only manage what makes sense for your business! There is nothing worse than finding a company, going to their profile page and then finding that they hardly ever post anything, yet alone anything worthwhile; nine times out of ten, you won’t return to the page. Be smart and use your time wisely. Consider outsourcing your social media if you absolutely can’t manage them yourself, but even in so doing make sure that they really know social media and how to use it effectively.

I’d love for my “back of the neck hair standing” days to be over, at least as it relates to these 5 tips, so if you are guilty of the above, the old saying goes, “When you know better, do better!”


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