first lady:

the real truth


Very good book. Informative and supportive. This will help many wives in ministry. Thank you for being willing to share your heart and spirit.    

-Ivy & Pearls

This book is a great help to me in a new journey of my life. I plan to refer back to it often.

-Faith Solomon

First Lady Price did an excellent job in telling the real truth about being a First Lady. The church members expect more from the First Lady and First Family than God does. It is important to set the boundaries and expectations early. It is also great to start early doing teaching on the roles of the pastor vs. the deacons in the church. Traditionally, the church has expected the pastor to do visitations, teaching, preaching, etc. They need to know that the diaconate has the role of visitation, missions, etc. and the pastor’s main role is studying, praying for the congregation, teaching, and preaching. The spouse of the pastor is to be the helpmate in their calling. Therefore, the spouse will NOT be at every service, meeting, etc. when the doors open. It is not practical and is not expected by the Lord. These expectations of perfection that the church members have of the First Family are unreasonable and are a setup for failure/disappointment. Great job, Candie!

–Kimberly C. Robinson

First Lady is an excellent read. I am a First Lady as well as a Minister, and First Lady Price told the absolute truth in her book. I found it to be comforting and very interesting. I have purchased the book for a new FirstLady because I thought it would be helpful for her to know just what to expect.Thank You FirstLady Price !!!!

God Bless!!

-Rev. L.Cook,Co-Pastor

Miraculous Word & Deliverance Ministry

Finally, I have found an “easy to read, down to earth” book for ministers’/pastors’ wives. I’m up late trying to finish the book without scrunching up the pages because I will be giving it as a gift to a pastor’s wife who will be celebrating with her husband one year of pastoral service. The book arrived “just in time!”

-Frankie Johnson-White, Los Angeles, CA

I was very blessed by your book and yes I have read the whole book. I think I practically highlighted the whole book as well LOL .You made such good points and really opened my eyes to realistically look at this role. I am engaged to a Youth Pastor and we are getting married 8/8/08-New Beginnings. I am so excited but yet a little nervous about this new responsibility. Thank you for writing such a real book and telling the truth about this calling. I walked away with a few things but the most important thing was to be myself and dont let anyone pressure me into being what they think I should be, also to know when to be quiet and pray through it instead of always verbalizing it. Once again, thank you for the added knowledge and may God continue to Bless you and your family abundantly!!

-Sommer Mejia, Sacramento, CA

I thought that the book FIRST LADY, The Real Truth was a very good book. This book made me stop and realize that I am not the only person that has been through some things with a minister. My future husband and I discussed the book and we both enjoyed it. We will be looking forward to more reading.

-Kandy Cornett, Houston,Tx